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25 2월 2017

Russian legislative election, 1906

Russian legislative election, 1906 March, 1906 → 1907 (Jan) All 478 seats to the State Duma of the Russian Empire   Majority party Minority party Third party   Leader Pavel Milyukov Alexey Aladyin Ivan Yefremov Party Cadet Trudoviks Progressive Party Seats won 176 107 60   Fourth party Fifth party   Leader Alexander Guchkov Julius Martov Party Union of October 17 Russian […]

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21 2월 2017


Coat of arms in Siebmachers Wappenbuch Reitzenstein was a German dynasty of Franconian knights. The House of Reitzenstein took its name from Reitzenstein near Issigau. The family was directly related to the House of Sparneck. Prominent members of the family: Franziska von Reitzenstein aka Franz von Nemmersdorf (1834–1896), German novelist Hans Albin Freiherr von Reitzenstein, German Obersturmbannführer Richard August Reitzenstein […]

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